Software Engineer

Softtek / From: 08/2006 | To: 02/2009 / Aguascalientes, MX

At the beginning I started with the development of templates based on XML/XSL to be used with an in-house application made to build and maintain the web sites for GE Money branches for several countries, after I created and standardized the process to do this, I was assigned to create and implement the UI/UX (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) for financial applications for GE Money too, in that assignment I had to gather and manage the requirements for the UI/UX and manage the work of a small team of 3 coworkers and coordinate the efforts of my own team with the planning and development teams to integrate the design to the application, those teams were located in the US and in India respectively, also I was involved in the development of an internal application to create and administrate “breakthroughs” and at the end I managed 2 more developers to propose and develop new custom applications. Also I participated in an external project for Help Desk where I mounted and configured a Wiki being the Server Administrator and DBA for the project.

Functional Experience:

Management/Coordination skills, Technical improvement, Web development experience, Project management, Define business process, Project estimations. Graphic design experience, User Experience, Server Administrator and DBA, CMMI L5, Six Sigma, 5S.


XML/XSL, UML (Argo), Usability, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Macromedia-Adobe, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, SVN, WAP, FTP, TCP/IP, Liferay, Putty, web browsers, Wiki (as administrator), Kintana.