Scrum master

Scrum master & Business Intelligence Analyst

SoftwareONE / From: 06/2021 | To: 07/2022 / Munich, DE

Here in Software ONE, I have been coaching the Business Intelligence team to help them adopt an Agile way of work mainly with Scrum; we are a team of twenty three distributed in five streams, as this represents a challenge, I have been incorporating not only Scrum, but also Kanban and SAFe practices and guiding the team to tailor our processes always under consensus. Since I arrived in the team, I have helped them to increase their velocity and decrease the lead time of PBIs, this is proven by reporting directly from custom Analytical Views in Azure DevOps using Power BI.

Besides my role as Scrum Master, I also play the role as Business Intelligence Analyst part time in the team, some of my activities are to moderate meetings with developers and stakeholders, gather requirements, analyze data sources, the creation of Proof-of-Concept reporting and assist a product owner, also, work closely with the developers and suggest to them technical best practices.

Functional Experience:

Scrum, Kanban, Business and Data Analysis.


Azure DevOps, SQL Server, Power BI.