Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence Developer

NXP Semiconductors / From: 07/2009 | To: 03/2012 / Guadalajara, MX

Hired through Pounce Consulting and working On-Site for NXP Semiconductors (formerly Freescale).

Within NXP (formerly Freescale) I developed advanced web reports and web applications to help internal clients in their daily work, also I participated in meetings with the business analyst and the clients at the beginning and during the development of the projects to ensure the client’s need is covered but also proposing improvements to the original request; those projects effectively save people’s time and effort providing the information they need with just a few clicks and providing a solid information base to the Decision Making process (for production planning forecasts, metrics’ reports, etc.).

About the internal technical work, I proposed new tools/application to incorporate in our daily work, proposed and helped to standardize reusable code, monitor the correct use of the Database Server and SVN services, MySQL Administration and Tuning (two servers), proposing improvements to the requirements management and development processes and providing technical support for co-workers as needed.

Functional Experience:

Project management, Project estimations, Management/Coordination skills, Technical skills, Agile


UML (Argo), Usability, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Java, JSF, Spring, MySQL, SQL, Teradata, Apache, SVN, FTP, TCP/IP, Pencil, web browsers, ExtJS, CSS, JIRA, Confluence, GForge.