Senior Visualizations

Tower Insurance / From: 07/2018 | To: Actual / Auckland, NZ

My main activities at Tower are to develop datasets and visualisations using Power BI (M and DAX included), also perform Business and Data Analysis to find the correct data sources, scripting queries using T-SQL, Hive and Impala to feed the datasets, facing internal customers to gather their requirements and data needs, also, helping my team with the creation of internal processes. Recently, as part of the Big Data project, I’ve been learning Python to manage and maintain the data migration from SQL Server on-premises sources to Hive and Kudu tables in Cloudera.

Part of my activities also include maintain and create SSIS ETL packages and jobs and maintain legacy Data Stage ETL jobs.

Functional Experience:

Visualisations with Power BI, Project estimations, Business and Data Analysis, Business Processes design and diagramming.


Impala SQL, SharePoint, SQL Server, DAX, SSIS, Confluence, MS Teams, Cognos, Data Stage, Python.

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